5 Best App For Project Management To Control Your Progress

5 Best App For Project Management To Control Your Progress
best app for project management

Be a part of a team project pushes you to be disciplined. Because you must complete some tasks in a tight deadline. Sometimes the progress cannot be continued if one certain process has not been finished. Knowing that each other is connected, you need something to manage the project. Let’s find the best app for project management here. You might need this tool to control the progress, take care of your people until managing the deadline.

Having this app is really helpful. You can monitor how far the project is running. Also, you don’t have to stay in the office every day. Each people can do their part remotely, then update through the app. So, everybody knows what is next to do. This working style is very effective. Go get this best app for project management and ask your people to install on their phone:

1. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular apps to manage a project. No matter how big your project, Trello is great for organizing the deadline, tasks, and progress. The interface is very user-friendly, so you and your team can use is through Android, iOS, or desktop. It supports any kind of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Trello also allows each user to send their idea. All people can do a discussion without having to meet face to face.

2. Basecamp

This app is a well-known app for many people. Besides, it is user-friendly, you can use its free trial offer for 30 days. After this period is passed, you have to pay for $99/month. But before you judge this app, see its superb features. By using Basecamp you can hold everybody’s commitment. There is a feature that helps you to track each other’s progress. Not only it, communication and sharing ideas would be easier and transparent with Basecamp.

3. Asana

The project has never been easy without using Asana. In this fast-paced era, everything needs to speed up. Asana is the best app for project management if you are in rushing the deadline. Its features help people to know each other’s roles, their parts, and responsibilities. Project activities are tracked in real-time, then whenever you update the to-do list, no one will skip it. A project with up to 15 persons is free using Asana, but it costs $10.99 for more than 15 members.

4. Quire

Ensure your project progress through Quire. This app allows you to break one task into smaller tasks. Everybody can set the prioritize and to-do list. Thus, you can understand every task in detail. You won’t be confused when your supervisor or client asks the progress because you know until the smallest part. Quire is good to build a collaborative team.

5. Teamweek

If you are looking for an integrated tool with the other online app, then Teamweek is the answer. It is available for iOs and desktop. Also, it is free for 5 users, but if your team is more than 5, you can choose the cost of the plan. First, Teamweek will direct you to see the big picture of your project. Then, you can set the roadmap and share it with your people. By doing this, your progress is easier to track because you make sure each step is completed.

A good app is not only fulfilling user’s needs. It must be designed very well so everyone who uses it is comfortable. The best app for project management has those important things. Just like the other technology should do, the app must help you to work faster and more effective.

Madison Scott