WhatsApp has become a popular social media application that people have been using. Through this application, people can chat, send/ receive pictures, music or any kind of files. Therefore, many people use WhatsApp for their daily chats and communication. With many people using it, WhatsApp keeps on developing its application and one of them is WhatsApp dark mode. This mode will help people save their power more because of many reasons.

What is WhatsApp Dark Mode

The mode is not yet available, but it will be coming soon for those WhatsApp users. For those who don’t know, dark mode is a new design of WhatsApp, showing a darker color for the design. So, if people usually see gray and green in their application, in this mode people will see darker colors. Some of the colors are black and midnight navy. So, what is the advantage of this mode and what is really for? Well, here are some things people should know about WhatsApp dark mode on your phone. 

1. Save up Battery

Many people say that dark colors use less amount of energy compared to brighter colors. Therefore, by applying dark mode on the application, people can save their battery up to 25%. It is also believed that using darker colors is not annoying for the eye. Therefore, people will enjoy the design more than the old version. 

2. Black & Green

Even though the mode is not out yet, the main color in the new mode is dark green and black. Overall the color is dark, but it doesn’t disturb the process or the needs of the readers. For people who don’t like this theme doesn’t need to worry. Because they can still use the old design without having to download this model.

3. The Release

Until today, there is no formal release on the WhatsApp dark mode and when people can use it. They do not want to rush the process because they want to release it at the right time. During this release, people say that WhatsApp is also developing other features. So, wait for their announcement to see this new model. 

4. Download WhatsApp Beta

To get this mode, people will need to download WhatsApp Beta on their mobile phone. To do this, people will need to open Google play on the phone. Look for the WhatsApp application and choose to become a Beta tester. Choose the I’m in button and click join to confirm the request. Next, you will just need for the mode to come to use it.

5. Other ways to save up

One of the main functions of the dark mode is to help save up battery of people’s phone. As it has not been released, people can still help save their battery by choosing dark backgrounds for their WhatsApp. Or, erase chats that are not used anymore, so it doesn’t fill up the memory.

WhatsApp dark mode is interesting, and many people are waiting for it. We will see whether the mode is helpful and can save up energy. Hopefully maximum of the end of next year people can see what the mode is like.