Caches are not always a bad thing in a notebook. The cache could be useful for a notebook device. It could help an application on the notebook to speed up. However, if it is too much, the cache could cause the notebook to become slow. That is why it is important to know how to clear cache in notebook.

The location of caches is usually hidden in several places in the Windows. That might cause some difficulty for people to search. The more files that are piled up the slower a device would be. That is why it is important to often clean the files. Not only it makes the notebook stable but it also gives more spaces for the memory. Here is some useful info on how to clear cache in notebook device:

1. Using the Run Feature

The Window’s system could have other temporary files such as cookies and history files. The first way to delete the files is by using the “run” feature. First, click the buttons “Windows + R” together on the keyboard. The “Run” Window would then appear. Next, type %tempt% and push the enter button. All the cache files would appear on the screen. Users could then delete the unnecessary files.

2. Using the Window Disk Cleanup

If users are using a window system, they could use the feature to clean cache in it. The feature Disk Cleanup could clean the files automatically. The steps on how to clear cache in notebook with this feature are also simple. Click the start menu, and then choose the program. After that click on the accessories option and then the system tool. As for the final step choose the disk cleanup and pick tick the files list and then delete it.

3. The CCleaner Application

Another option to clear the files is using the CCleaner application. The system is very light that it won’t overload the notebook’s work. Download and install the application to the notebook. It is free and has a small memory size. Open the application and users could choose the files they want to delete. After that click the enter button

4. Cleaning Files in Firefox

The cache files are not only in the notebook memory but it is also on the web. The steps on how to clear cache in notebook for browsers are quite simple. For Firefox users, simply use the shortcut with pressing control, shift and delete button at the same time. A pop-up window “clear recent history” will appear. Users could choose the following options on which to delete.

5. Deleting caches on Chrome

Meanwhile for chrome users, the steps are almost the same as in Firefox. Press the control, shift and delete button at once. Then a new window would appear with the list of data that users could delete. For the last step, click on the “delete browser data”.

There are several ways on how to clear cache in notebook. Make sure to delete the files often. With deleting the files often, it would release the memory in the notebook and also speed it up.