A book is one of the things that everybody could read. Books are rich in information, education and even entertaining. Not only adults but also children could enjoy reading books. Children’s books must also be fun to read because it is quite difficult to get children reading. Parents can choose award winning children books that are interesting for kids to read. It has a great story in it, filled with great pictures and also some morals. Kids would love to read these kinds of books.

Parents could buy great children’s books in the book store and online webs. However, it also might a good idea to borrow books from libraries. Libraries have complete and great collection books in it. The librarian usually suggests kids in which books are fun and easy to read. They usually suggest kids reading award winning children books, such as:

1. Matilda: The Chocolate Cake Edition

Kids and even adults know Matilda is a movie that comes from the 90s. Matilda then became a book that is readable for kids. The writer, Roald Dahl has brought Matilda to reading books and comes in several editions. One of the bestselling versions is the chocolate cake edition.

2. Hello Lighthouse

The next award winning children books come from Sophie Blackall, Hello Lighthouse. The book has won the 2019 Caldecott Medal award. It is easy and calming for kids to read. With 48 pages of texts and pictures, this book is a perfect book to read especially before going to bed. It could grow the kid’s imagination and vocabulary.

3. The Stuff of Stars

This is a type of book that has poetry in it. Kids would not only read and learn about poetries but also they could look at the pictures on the book that are beautiful. Because of the great picture, the book has won the 2019 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award. Parents could buy the book in a bookstore, on online webs and also on e-book applications.

4. Dreamers

It is a book about immigration moments for kids that are filled with love and hope. Dreamers are one of the award winning children book that is available in several languages. This book has also won 12 awards. It is the first best rank book about immigration from Amazon. Not only because it has a moral story in it but also the pictures great. Kids and parents would love this book

5. Merci Suarez Changes Gears

This is a book for kids range 9-12 years with fewer pictures and more pages. Merci Suarez Changes Gears has won the 2019 Newbery Medal award. The book tells about a girl, Merci Suarez that is different from the other kids at school. She faces school and home problems. The book is not only entertaining but also it gives the readers’ wisdom stories. It is suitable for kids that are going to enter middle school.

These award winning children books are great options for kids to read. Rather than playing gadgets, it better for them to read books. With choosing the right books, kids could discover great things bigger

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