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Recomended, Award Winning Children Books to Read

A book is one of the things that everybody could read. Books are rich in information, education and even entertaining. Not only adults but also children could enjoy reading books. Children’s books must also be fun to read because it is quite difficult to get children reading. Parents can choose award winning children books that are interesting for kids to read. It has a great story in it, filled with great pictures and also some morals. Kids would love to read these kinds of books.

Parents could buy great children’s books in the book store and online webs. However, it also might a good idea to borrow books from libraries. Libraries have complete and great collection books in it. The librarian usually suggests kids in which books are fun and easy to read. They usually suggest kids reading award winning children books, such as:

1. Matilda: The Chocolate Cake Edition

Kids and even adults know Matilda is a movie that comes from the 90s. Matilda then became a book that is readable for kids. The writer, Roald Dahl has brought Matilda to reading books and comes in several editions. One of the bestselling versions is the chocolate cake edition.

2. Hello Lighthouse

The next award winning children books come from Sophie Blackall, Hello Lighthouse. The book has won the 2019 Caldecott Medal award. It is easy and calming for kids to read. With 48 pages of texts and pictures, this book is a perfect book to read especially before going to bed. It could grow the kid’s imagination and vocabulary.

3. The Stuff of Stars

This is a type of book that has poetry in it. Kids would not only read and learn about poetries but also they could look at the pictures on the book that are beautiful. Because of the great picture, the book has won the 2019 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award. Parents could buy the book in a bookstore, on online webs and also on e-book applications.

4. Dreamers

It is a book about immigration moments for kids that are filled with love and hope. Dreamers are one of the award winning children book that is available in several languages. This book has also won 12 awards. It is the first best rank book about immigration from Amazon. Not only because it has a moral story in it but also the pictures great. Kids and parents would love this book

5. Merci Suarez Changes Gears

This is a book for kids range 9-12 years with fewer pictures and more pages. Merci Suarez Changes Gears has won the 2019 Newbery Medal award. The book tells about a girl, Merci Suarez that is different from the other kids at school. She faces school and home problems. The book is not only entertaining but also it gives the readers’ wisdom stories. It is suitable for kids that are going to enter middle school.

These award winning children books are great options for kids to read. Rather than playing gadgets, it better for them to read books. With choosing the right books, kids could discover great things bigger

How To Prevent Diabetes In Pregnancy In Easy Ways

Pregnant women also have the possibility to get diabetes. Diabetes that appears during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. Therefore, you must know how to prevent diabetes in pregnancy.

This is because having diabetes when you are pregnant, has a high risk of pregnancy. In addition, this will endanger you and your baby. Here are 5 ways about how to prevent diabetes in pregnancy you should know:

1.     Eat Healthy Food

Pregnant women certainly have to eat nutritious foods. This is not only to prevent diabetes but also can make you and your baby healthy. Try to always consume balanced carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Avoid instant foods or processed foods because they don’t have good nutrition for you. Moreover, avoid frozen or canned fruits. This is because it usually has high sugar content. Therefore, you must eat foods that are fresh and clean.

2.     Do Physical Activity

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, you also have to move actively every day. Don’t make pregnancy your reason for not doing physical activity. Try to be active for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

It’s okay to actively move for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Walk with friends, swim, or move in the park more often. You can also take special sports classes for pregnant women. For example, yoga or pilates for pregnant women.

3.     Stay Away From Foods That Contain Sugar

Stay away from sugar or foods that contain sugar. This is the first step to prevent rising blood sugar levels in the body. However, do not worry, you can replace it with fruits or vegetables that contain lots of natural sugar. For example like dates, bananas, sweet potatoes, raisins.

These foods are very safe for pregnant women and also for your baby. More than that, stay away from foods that contain sugar will also make you healthier. You will be fresher every day and not weak if you don’t consume too much sugar.

4.     Lose Weight When Planning a Pregnancy

Losing weight while pregnant is not recommended, because the body is in need of extra energy. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, do it before planning a pregnancy. Lose weight when planning a pregnancy by living a healthy diet permanently.

This step will also provide long-term benefits, such as having a healthy heart. Moreover, pregnant women tend to get hungry easily so they eat and snack more often. Eat small portions but as often as possible can maintain balanced body weight.

5.     Routinely Checking Blood Sugar Levels

The condition of pregnant women needs to be checked regularly, with no exception checking the condition of blood sugar levels. This is done to find out whether pregnant women have diabetes or not.

If the results are good, then you can continue to maintain a healthy diet. However, if the result is that you have diabetes, you will adopt a certain dietary pattern. Your doctor will tell you more about what you should do.

How to prevent diabetes in pregnancy is so easy. You can do all five methods to prevent diabetes while you are pregnant. The most important thing, you have to get a diabetes check 6 to 12 weeks after your baby is born.

4 Best Tips on How to Build Business Network for You!

In business, many marketing strategies can be used for your business. When you want to pick which strategies you will used, you should think about the price and effectivity. Besides, you need the improvement in how large the area your targeting. However, one of the best and priceless marketing strategies is business networking. Many people talk about how to build business network and looking for tips.

How to Build Business Network

Firstly, you should know about the meaning of business networking. Business networking is many entrepreneurs working together in the same line. They approve anyone who wants to join and build new opportunities. You can build your company’s image using those people. Besides, you can also reach a famous vendor for your company. Here are some tips on how to build business network.

1. Attend Business Networking Events

The first step you should to is increasing your knowledge. You can get it from the events you visit. Besides, you can also meet other people and increase your relationships and connections. Moreover, start to visit the local event first and meet the professionals near you. Above all, the best thing you can is when you meet the owner of the same business as you. So, you can cooperate with them and get any profit from it.

2. Choose a Goal

The next step you should do before starting a networking business is to choose your goals. It is important because this would be a destination you want to reach. Besides, it will also determine where your company will be run. Also, it can be the consideration of what will you do next according to your goal. For example, you want to increase your connections. As a result, you should spend your time to attend many events or join a community.

3. Know Your Worth

You can’t attract the customer only with the quality of your products or your good service. If you disappointed to choose what is the thing you need, you can get any information at events or community. Besides, it also important to know the advantages and disadvantages of your products. As a result, you know why the customer should choose your product rather than others.

4. Identify Conversationally Icebreakers.

If you want to have a good social networking, you should be a good talker. It is important to attract other people to join your business. However, when we talk with others, it can be easily getting bored and awkward. So, you need to know the right time to give a joke or something else. Above all, you should know how to open talks with a new person. For example, you can tell they use a good outfit, shoe, or tie.

Honestly, there are many other ways you should have to build your business networking. In the above, there just only the 4 important things from you. Another tip you can do is bring your buddy and get more social relationships. On the other hand, you should bring away your selfishness or your negativity. I hope many tips from me can help answer your question about how to build business network.

Best e-Reader Apps for Android, Check this One!

People are starting to change their ways of reading. In the past, people would read printed media, books and magazines. However now E-book has become a new media on how people read. Simply with downloading an E-book on their smartphones, people could easily read anytime, anywhere. In smartphones, E-books are read by E-Ready apps which is easier. Application companies nowadays are competing in developing the best e-Reader Apps for Android.

E-readers are chosen because it is easy to be read. It is not easy to be ripped, cheaper and eco-friendly. People do not even need to provide a bookcase to keep their favorite reading books. These are why E-books and E-readers are now people’s favorite media to read. There are a lot of applications available especially on android. So much, it might confuse you on which on to use. Here are some best e-Reader Apps for Android that you can download and try.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle one Smartphone and tablets most favorite and best e-Reader Apps for Android as Mac also. It offers a wide section of books, newspapers and even magazines. As to simplify the readers, this app also have a built-in-dictionary which helps reader. Readers can easily search for new words without getting out of this application.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

This application is a free e-Reader App that people can download. A fun fact about Aldiko Book Reader is that the books do not take up the device’s memory. Readers could also adjust the background reading section, font size, and font face. This application is also suitable for kinds of type of books such as EPUB, PDF, and rental online book.

3. Alreader 

Alreader is quite a new application that is created for books online lover. The pages can be used animation ally. It also provides many display modes for the readers to choose from. Readers can download this application for free on their Android. 

 4. Bluefire Reader 

The best e-Readers app for Android is Bluefire Reader. This app has a lot of neat features that can be useful for readers. Such as highlighting texts, bookmarking, note-taking and dictionary lookup. Readers can even do contextual searching with this application. When a reader uses a different device for reading, they do not need to worry. Because readers could use the page sync feature to read across the device. They would not lose track of their current book and page.

 5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an e-Reader app that is also a virtual bookstore on Android devices. It does not only provide a book with texts in it, but also pictures such as comics. The interesting thing about Google Play Books is that readers could upload their books. This application lets readers have a sneak peek into books before purchasing. There are even some readings that do not require payment.

Reading provides many advantages for readers. With reading, it could add our knowledge, vocabulary and increase our focus and concentration. Some even say that readers could travel the world only reading. Because books can’t be brought easily for daily activity, digital provided us with the best e-Readers apps for androids. A simple easy way to read books. 

5 Tips To Keep Your Class Effective, Teacher Should Know This

As a teacher, we need to be a hero and a guide for our students at the same time. Unfortunately, the teacher cannot stay just for a condition. There is a lot of duty that should be fulfilled by the teacher. One of the duties is to keep the class effective. When the class becomes effective, the teaching and learning process will be running well. Students feel more comfortable and interesting in the material given. So, what are the tips to keep your class effective? Check this explanation below.

1. Make A Mystery Of The Lesson

The important duty of the teacher is to make students interested in the material. Therefore, if the students are interested in the material, the class will be effective and running well. Thus, you need to include a mystery inside your lesson. The mystery means you make some puzzle that your students need to solve the problem. Therefore, the teaching and learning process will be more fun and interesting.

2. Avoid The Repeating Of The Material

Some teacher always does this big fault. Sometimes you need to do a material review in order to remind students about the previous material. It is okay to make a review but avoid repeating the same material. When the teacher repeats the same material students will bored and the teaching and learning process will not interesting and effective anymore. You should build the desire of the students as a way to keep your class effective.

3. Doing A Game In Class

We cannot realize that game is the best tips to keep your class effective. Even your students are senior high school students, you still able to practice a game in your class. You can combine the game with the material which is you want to discuss. Therefore, students will be more interest and become active in the teaching and learning process.

4. Give Them The Chance To Speak

Everybody likes to be a star. Therefore, you also need to give a chance for your students to become a star and expressing their idea in class. You need to give them chance to speak. Make a group discussion and try to discuss some problems. It will make your class more life and fun.

5. Try To Use Technology

Technology is still the most famous media of learning in education life. Thus, the teacher should understand and try to use technology as the learning media. You can combine the usage of technology and build student’s cooperative learning or critical thinking. Therefore, the learning process will be more valuable and also fun. As a teacher, we cannot close our eyes from the technology because the young generation such as our students, like to use technology. Thus we must be able to know them so well and teach them by something which is interesting for them.

A teacher is a hero. But the hero doesn’t built without effort. If becoming students need much effort, then becoming a teacher needs a triple effort. It is not an easy duty to becoming a hero. Therefore, the teacher is the best hero ever after a mother.

Myths and Facts About Caffeine You Might Ever Misunderstand

Are you typically a person that grabs a coffee in the morning? Do you believe that coffee makes you wake up? Or, is it only a common sense so you feel just like that? There are many statements about caffeine. In fact, not all of them are right. Have you ever checked the truth, so you don’t misunderstand it? If you have no time, here are the myths and facts about caffeine below.

The first important thing you must know that caffeine is not only in coffee. There are other foods and drinks which contain caffeine too. Do you realize when having a glass of chocolate contains caffeine too? Yes, chocolate is the other food that has a level of it. Tea as the substitute for coffee also contains the number of caffeine. Talking about caffeine, let’s take a look at myths and facts about caffeine. Find more exciting things below:

1.      Cause Addiction

You might hear someone says that they are addicted to caffeine. Actually, it is not an addiction like a drug. They are just very dependent on caffeine. They think their brains cannot boost without drinking coffee. In fact, this dependency could be reduced as time goes by. If you reduce the number of the coffee cup each day, then you can finally free from it.

2.      Forbidden for Pregnant Woman

This is one of the issues that very popular. Well, we cannot say it is true or not. Because it depends on the level of the body’s tolerance. If you love consuming caffeine, then you are pregnant now, you don’t have to cut it all. You are still okay to have it but in fewer amounts. It is for keeping your baby’s heart rate safe. Thus, limit your consumption is important if you love your little one.

3.      Risk of Heart Disease

Surprisingly, caffeine is not a cause of cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. Studies have proven that caffeine won’t increase the risk. Indeed, the blood pressure will increase for a while after taking caffeine. Thus, for certain people with high blood pressure is better to consult before drinking coffee or any caffeine drink. But, remember, caffeine cannot result in heart disease.

4.      Caffeine Only in Coffee

As we mentioned above that you can find caffeine in other food. Chocolate and tea are just samples of drinks that contain caffeine. Other foods are ice cream, soda, candy bars, and even protein bars. But the difference is the caffeine is hidden. You can track it by reviewing the label before consuming those beverages.

5.      Cause Cancer

It is a scary assumption about caffeine. Some people think that caffeine could cause cancer. But actually, the study has done and proven there is no relation between cancer and level of caffeine. Contrarily, instead of causing the disease, caffeine is good for you after working out. It relieves muscle pain after hard exercise.

A caffeine overdose is really existing. It is shown by people who get hard to sleep, faster heartbeat, and other symptoms. But those symptoms are also possibly caused by other reasons. Thus, it is important for you to understand the myths and facts about caffeine.


5 Unique Tradition From Around The World

Have you ever heard about Kanamara Matsuri? Or do you know about Famadihana? All of that is the culture of some countries. As we know, every country has its own culture such as traditional rituals and beliefs. History is the one who greatly influence the country. Some traditions may look and sound strange to another party. But for the one who does it, that’s totally normal. Even so, there are many traditions and cultures that fascinate people all over the world. What is that? If you wish to know, let’s take a look at the unique tradition from around the world.

1. Songkran

What do you do in new years? Praying? Or watch a firework? None of those happen in Thailand. When the Thai New Year comes, people, celebrate it with Songkran. It is a water festival. People will go out and come to the street. And they will bring any water weapon they have. Then have fun with the water festival.

2. The Polterabend

The next unique tradition from around the world is the polterabend. This tradition comes from German. When there is a future married couple, the family and friends will have dinner. And try to guess what’s happening next. They will break any porcelain except the glass. Then they will ask the future married couple to clean all the mess.

You may think that their action is outrageous. But, there is deep meaning about it. This tradition exists to teach the couple about how unity and hardworking is essential to lead a married life. Also, this is believed to bring luck and make the marriage life last long.

3. Kanamara Matsuri

Try to visit Japan on the first Sunday in April. You will encounter with Kanamara Matsuri. What’s make this festival unique is the theme of the festival that you will not find anywhere. In this Kanamara Matsuri, you will see the parade of giant penis. Not only you’ll find the giant penis, but you also will see the penis in varying sizes and colors.

Kanamara Matsuri is used to be a Shinto’s fertility tradition. But in recent years this festival has a different meaning. It is turned to be a sex-positive tradition

4. Famadihana

Famadihana is one of the unique tradition from around the world. This tradition comes from Madagaskar. Every seven years or so, living families will buy new clothes for their dead ancestors. And then they will dance with the dead ancestor and even give the gift to the dead ancestors.

When the famadihana festival comes, the living family must not mourn or feel sad for the dead. Instead, they will be happy. This tradition has been done by the living families and they will continue this tradition in the future.

5. Hanging Coffin

There is one unique tradition in Sagada, Philippine. It is hanging coffin. In that place, the dead people will not be burried instead they will be hanging in a limestone cave. People who do this tradition believe that by hanging the coffin, monster and beast will not take away the coffin. They also believe that by hanging the coffin it will purify and bless the departed soul.

That’s some of unique tradition from around the world. Even so, this world still has many unique tradition we do not know yet. Although there is some tradition that sounds strange, it is still this world tradition. What we have to is to protect and enjoy this unique tradition.

How To Make A Stellar Resume For Master Degree More Interesting

After finish school, whatever you want to continue to graduate school or look for a job, you’ll need a resume. Do you know how many time’s needed to judge whether a resume is interesting or not? One minute? No. It is just needed 8 seconds. So, what should you write in your resume to attract attention from the reader? Of course, you have to write an academic background, professional achievements, and a little bit of your personal information. And how long you should write? All of them surely make it confusing and frustrating. So now you’ll learn how to make a stellar resume for master degree.

1. Select The Right Format

The first step you’ll learn about how to make a stellar resume for master degree is to select the right format. When writing a resume you’ll need to pinpoint your aim. Do you want to continue to go to school or do you want to look for a job? After that, then select the resume’s format according to your aim. 

Generally, there are two formats of a resume. It is traditional and creative. When you want to apply to a job that looks formal then you can choose a traditional resume. On the contrary, if you want to apply to a job that looks freer then you can choose a creative and innovative resume.

2. Customize Your Resume

When you write your stellar resume, you must show your accomplishments well. The most important thing is your resume must be easy to read. Because of that, you have to design it interestingly. Customize your resume so it will attract the reader.

The resume you’re writing is better when using a professional font. Using a bullet and highlighting the most relevant skill and experience will doing good on the resume. And don’t forget to make sure that the printout has the same quality as the screen.

3. Aim for One Page Resume

The next step on how to make a stellar resume for master degree is to aim for a one-page resume. Sometimes some people make a resume for more than three pages. This is will make the resume not interesting anymore. And if you want to make your it on two pages, you can’t do that unless you have 10 years or more experiences. The best resume is just on one page. That’s because it will more interesting and can be read in short of time.

4. Keep The Language Brief But Impactful

Writing a resume doesn’t need a thousand words. The fewer words use the better it becomes. And it means every word you gonna use is important. When making a resume, you better use action-oriented verbs, remove inflated adjectives and write your achievement wherever possible. And don’t forget to be specific. Also, one thing you have to remember is to avoid cliche and outdated expression.

That’s all about how to make a stellar resume for master degree. Your resume can be treated as yourself in the paper. So, you must make it as best as possible. Don’t make it lightly, or you will regret it. That’s because your stellar resume can decide your future.

Angkor Wat In Cambodia, The Largest Iconic Temple

The largest temple in the world is located in the interior of the Cambodian jungle. Angkor Wat has a large area in it. So it is not possible to visit Angkor Wat within one day. Here are some explanations about Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the largest temple has become an icon of Cambodia.

What is the Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat is the largest temple in the world. This Hindu temple is located in the Angkor plain, Cambodia, which is also filled with beautiful temples. Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in the region. This temple was built by Raja Suryawarman. Its construction took 30 years.

This temple consists of three floors. On it, there are five tall towers with small temples around it. The central tower of Angkor Wat is the highest and is the main tower in the building complex of Angkor Wat. Around the building, there are beautiful carvings on the stone.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia symbolizes Hindu religious features with the main tower symbolizing Mount Meru. This mountain is the center of all activities according to Hindu teachings. 

The yard is surrounded by a wall and canal. Not only as a barrier, these walls and canals are also a symbol of Mount Meru surrounded by floods and oceans, as illustrated by Hindu beliefs.

Facts About Angkor Wat

By bearing the title of the largest temple in the world, of course, it has surprising facts behind the title. Here are some interesting explanations about Angkor wat temple

1. Angkor Wat Meaning Mean City of the Temple

Angkor Wat is derived from Sanskrit, Angkor which means Country or city and Wat which means temple. So actually the Angkor plain is filled with many temples, but Angkor Wat is the largest and most famous temple with a length of 1500 meters and a width of 1300 meters.

The ruins of the temples around Angkor reach a radius of about 400 square kilometers. Other temples found around Angkor Wat are approximately 100, including Ta Phrom, Banteay Srei, Bayon, Angkor Thom, and Ta Keo.

2. World Heritage Sites

The Angkor Wat building is made of large piles of stones. Like in general temple, the walls of Angkor Wat are decorated with reliefs depicting past life. Also, there are also sculptures carved in great detail. In 1992, Angkor Wat was crowned in the UNESCO.

3. Remote Places

Angkor Wat has an area of ​​162.6 hectares. Before it was finally discovered, Angkor Wat was completely closed to the alien world. The Dense jungle covered the area located in the center of Cambodia. 

The first person to successfully uncover the existence of this temple was a Frenchman in 1860. He was named Henri Mahout, a plant expert.

4. There Are Dinosaur Reliefs in it

In this 800-year-old temple, many reliefs are drawn that relate to the Hindu god. But there are unique reliefs there, namely dinosaur reliefs. Several allegations explain why this relief can be present at the temple. The first says that this is a relic of the Ancient Khmer.

5. Functions as a Sky Observation Station

This temple has an alignment with the sun and moon. When the sun crosses the equator when it is observed from the library building located at the temple gate. The sun will be seen rising directly above the central temple tower. In some locations, positions were found that might be used as a benchmark for observing the moon.

 Those are some explanations about Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Some facts make visitors want to visit this place as a vacation destination.

Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

The president of a country has always played an important role in a country. In most countries, the public selects the president. Therefore, it is sure that the public put their respect and believes in the president. Also, there are some famous presidents from around the world.

Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

However, some presidents can bring a big change to their country. And at the same time spread positive vibes to other presidents around the world. This is why people love and care for them. And being a president is not an easy job. But, these top famous presidents from around the world made it happen. Let’s see who is on the top list:

1. Barrack Obama

Who doesn’t know the ex-president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama? He started as the President of America since 2009 and lasted for 2 periods. Even though he is not the president anymore, people will always remember him as the president of change. He brought a lot of change and positive vibes into the country.

The financial crisis that happened in 2009 also was saved slowly but sure. He also succeeded in hitting unemployment by 5%, which makes it the lowest compared to the years before. The GNP of the United States also increased USD 3 Trillion, making it up to $17,4 trillion. Therefore, even though he is no longer president he is still in the hearts of people.

2. Joko Widodo

One of the next famous presidents in the world is Indonesians president Joko Widodo. In the 2014 election, Jokowi was selected as president until now. The people love him because of his simplicity and humbleness. Even though he has the title president, he acts just like normal people like going to traditional markets.

Therefore, people adore him very much. On the other hand, he has also developed many infrastructures in Indonesia. For example, roads and bridges, making it easy to get from one place to another. With his loyalty and humble side, Joko Widodo was chosen again in the latest election to lead Indonesia again.

3. Donald Trump

On of the top famous presidents from around the world must be Donald Trump. The man of business and investment has now become the president of the United States. He started as president in 2018, after Barrack Obama finished his period. Before being president, Donald Trump was already famous and rich. Therefore, when he became president he became more famous and rich.

However, he was more known for his unique decisions in some policies of the United States. An example was forbidding some religions into a certain area in the United States. Some of the people supported his decision, but others just hated is as much. Therefore, he is popular with love and hate at the same time.

These three top famous presidents from around the world are different with their unique style. But one thing for sure, is they have made a difference in their country. Whether it is the system they have changed or gaining more GNP. Therefore, they are popular and loved by their people. Even if they stop being president, they will still be very popular. 

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