Are you typically a person that grabs a coffee in the morning? Do you believe that coffee makes you wake up? Or, is it only a common sense so you feel just like that? There are many statements about caffeine. In fact, not all of them are right. Have you ever checked the truth, so you don’t misunderstand it? If you have no time, here are the myths and facts about caffeine below.

The first important thing you must know that caffeine is not only in coffee. There are other foods and drinks which contain caffeine too. Do you realize when having a glass of chocolate contains caffeine too? Yes, chocolate is the other food that has a level of it. Tea as the substitute for coffee also contains the number of caffeine. Talking about caffeine, let’s take a look at myths and facts about caffeine. Find more exciting things below:

1.      Cause Addiction

You might hear someone says that they are addicted to caffeine. Actually, it is not an addiction like a drug. They are just very dependent on caffeine. They think their brains cannot boost without drinking coffee. In fact, this dependency could be reduced as time goes by. If you reduce the number of the coffee cup each day, then you can finally free from it.

2.      Forbidden for Pregnant Woman

This is one of the issues that very popular. Well, we cannot say it is true or not. Because it depends on the level of the body’s tolerance. If you love consuming caffeine, then you are pregnant now, you don’t have to cut it all. You are still okay to have it but in fewer amounts. It is for keeping your baby’s heart rate safe. Thus, limit your consumption is important if you love your little one.

3.      Risk of Heart Disease

Surprisingly, caffeine is not a cause of cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. Studies have proven that caffeine won’t increase the risk. Indeed, the blood pressure will increase for a while after taking caffeine. Thus, for certain people with high blood pressure is better to consult before drinking coffee or any caffeine drink. But, remember, caffeine cannot result in heart disease.

4.      Caffeine Only in Coffee

As we mentioned above that you can find caffeine in other food. Chocolate and tea are just samples of drinks that contain caffeine. Other foods are ice cream, soda, candy bars, and even protein bars. But the difference is the caffeine is hidden. You can track it by reviewing the label before consuming those beverages.

5.      Cause Cancer

It is a scary assumption about caffeine. Some people think that caffeine could cause cancer. But actually, the study has done and proven there is no relation between cancer and level of caffeine. Contrarily, instead of causing the disease, caffeine is good for you after working out. It relieves muscle pain after hard exercise.

A caffeine overdose is really existing. It is shown by people who get hard to sleep, faster heartbeat, and other symptoms. But those symptoms are also possibly caused by other reasons. Thus, it is important for you to understand the myths and facts about caffeine.


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