most unique hotel in japan

Japan has always been a favorite tourist destination for people in the world. Interest in culture and nature tourism is the reason who visit the land of Sakura. To go on vacation in Japan, a place to stay there. Here is a review of the most unique hotel in Japan.

most unique hotel in japan

1 Okura Tokyo Bay Hotel

Do you love Disney characters? Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is perfect for filling out the list of places where you must visit. Because this inn is the official hotel of Disney Resort Tokyo.

Of course, the Okura Tokyo Bay Hotel has some rooms designed with character themes in Walt Disney films. Of all the rooms, there is one room that is the main hotel room of the Tokyo Bay Okura.

The room uses a similar concept like a ryokan equipped with a variety of wooden furniture, tatami rugs, futon folding mattresses, and low tables. Interestingly, the location of this hotel is in Tokyo Bay which you can enjoy through the room window.

Not only that, every guest who stays here will be given the best service. The bonus, you can enjoy some facilities such as a spa, fitness center, swimming pool to the restaurant.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is the official Disney Resort Tokyo hotel. In addition, to having thematic rooms, are also the main attraction of the Tokyo Bay Okura Hotel is the options designed exactly as a ryokan.

Traditional rooms are decorated with some furniture, such as wooden, tatami rugs, futon folding mattresses, and low tables. Moreover, its location on Tokyo Bay, there was a beautiful sea to enjoy the view.

2 Hotel Yamatoya Honten

A hotel that offers home-style comfort. The Yamatoya Honten is about 542-0082 Chuo-ku Shimanouchi, Osaka. To go there, just five-minute from the Dotonbori tourist area.

Yamatoya Honten presents a beat of traditional Japanese life through rooms with shoji sliding doors and futon mattresses spread out on tatami mats, even though it is surrounded by modern buildings. Room options are also varied, it can contain up to five people or more.

Another thing that attracts her is the availability of hot spring bathing facilities which are differentiated according to gender and borrowed yukata to take pictures. In addition, Yamatoya Honten also provides Japanese-style banquet facilities.

3 Public Jam Hotel

The next on this list of the most unique hotel in Japan is this Public Jam Hotel. This hotel offers hotel rooms with different themes according to visitors’ tastes. You will surprise by the VW Beetle in the room, or sleep in the background of a classic wooden ship. The hotel has a ship-themed room in the Public Jam Hotel. There are also rooms with a Volkswagen Beetle theme.

4 Keio Plaza

For you lovers of the animated character Hello Kity, you must visit the Keio Plaza Hotel. They provide rooms with a Hello Kitty-theme, complete with furniture to a Hello Kitty-themed breakfast menu.

Tokyo is home to the animated character Hello Kitty. Thus, you can find hotels, ranging from decor concepts to food menus, all featuring the Hello Kitty character. Shades of pink in every corner of the room, combined with neat lighting, give the impression of comfort in a hotel room.

Those are some of the most unique hotel in Japan. The hotel very recommended for people who want to stay in an unusual place. Visitors just choose the type of lodging they want.

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