After finish school, whatever you want to continue to graduate school or look for a job, you’ll need a resume. Do you know how many time’s needed to judge whether a resume is interesting or not? One minute? No. It is just needed 8 seconds. So, what should you write in your resume to attract attention from the reader? Of course, you have to write an academic background, professional achievements, and a little bit of your personal information. And how long you should write? All of them surely make it confusing and frustrating. So now you’ll learn how to make a stellar resume for master degree.

1. Select The Right Format

The first step you’ll learn about how to make a stellar resume for master degree is to select the right format. When writing a resume you’ll need to pinpoint your aim. Do you want to continue to go to school or do you want to look for a job? After that, then select the resume’s format according to your aim. 

Generally, there are two formats of a resume. It is traditional and creative. When you want to apply to a job that looks formal then you can choose a traditional resume. On the contrary, if you want to apply to a job that looks freer then you can choose a creative and innovative resume.

2. Customize Your Resume

When you write your stellar resume, you must show your accomplishments well. The most important thing is your resume must be easy to read. Because of that, you have to design it interestingly. Customize your resume so it will attract the reader.

The resume you’re writing is better when using a professional font. Using a bullet and highlighting the most relevant skill and experience will doing good on the resume. And don’t forget to make sure that the printout has the same quality as the screen.

3. Aim for One Page Resume

The next step on how to make a stellar resume for master degree is to aim for a one-page resume. Sometimes some people make a resume for more than three pages. This is will make the resume not interesting anymore. And if you want to make your it on two pages, you can’t do that unless you have 10 years or more experiences. The best resume is just on one page. That’s because it will more interesting and can be read in short of time.

4. Keep The Language Brief But Impactful

Writing a resume doesn’t need a thousand words. The fewer words use the better it becomes. And it means every word you gonna use is important. When making a resume, you better use action-oriented verbs, remove inflated adjectives and write your achievement wherever possible. And don’t forget to be specific. Also, one thing you have to remember is to avoid cliche and outdated expression.

That’s all about how to make a stellar resume for master degree. Your resume can be treated as yourself in the paper. So, you must make it as best as possible. Don’t make it lightly, or you will regret it. That’s because your stellar resume can decide your future.

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