Having large pores seems simple but actually, it was a big problem especially for woman. The large pores can invite other skin problems that can make us unconfident. Another skin problem that can be caused by large pores is acne, oily skin, and also other skin problems. Then, all of those problems are bad, especially for a woman. They will disturb the physical appearance of someone. Thus, all women want to fix the large pores and become free from other skin problems. Here is the best treatment for large pores that you can try at home.

There are a lot of treatments that you can do in order to fix the large pores. It starts with the traditional treatment until the modern one. You can try the treatment that is work on your skin because every skin is different.

1. Regularly Clean Your Face Twice A Day

Cleansing becomes the first thing you must know as the treatment for large pores. By clean your face, you will remove the impurity in your large pores. Then, you can wash your face with warm water in order to make your pores become smaller. But, you need to make sure to clean your face twice a day.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is something important for the skin. By doing exfoliating, you will remove the dead skin on your face. Then, your pores will be clean and become smaller. But, you need to consider with exfoliating. Don’t do exfoliating on your face too much. Because it will hurt your skin and make it irritating. Use a safety product for exfoliating and do it amount twice a week.

3. Be Gentle When Having Treatment

The main point of the best treatment for large pores is becoming gentle of your skin. Don’t hurt your skin face by doing a random treatment. You are able to do some treatment but you must do it by the right number. Don’t scrub and exfoliate too often.  You must aware of doing the treatment. Find a treatment that is safe and suitable for your skin type. Then, you will get to maximize the result and get smaller pores.

4. Protect Your Face Everyday

The large pores can also cause by the sun’s rays. Thus, you need to protect your skin when you getting outside. Protecting your skin doesn’t mean you need to cover your face, but you need to use such a sunscreen cream. Use sunscreen which has SPF 30 or more. Nor only protect your pores, sunscreen also protect you from the darker skin color. Thus, your skin will look beautiful every time.

5. Healing Your Acne

Before caring for your large pores, you need to heal your acne first. Acne is more sensitive than large pores. You must protect and heal your acne thus it can irritate easily. Use the cleanser that contains salicylic acid and use gentle treatment for your face.

Those are the explanation about the best treatment for large pores. Large pores can decrease our confident. Thus, we need to fix it and increase our confidence again. Keep being healthy and beauty at the same time by protecting our body.