Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

The president of a country has always played an important role in a country. In most countries, the public selects the president. Therefore, it is sure that the public put their respect and believes in the president. Also, there are some famous presidents from around the world.

Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

However, some presidents can bring a big change to their country. And at the same time spread positive vibes to other presidents around the world. This is why people love and care for them. And being a president is not an easy job. But, these top famous presidents from around the world made it happen. Let’s see who is on the top list:

1. Barrack Obama

Who doesn’t know the ex-president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama? He started as the President of America since 2009 and lasted for 2 periods. Even though he is not the president anymore, people will always remember him as the president of change. He brought a lot of change and positive vibes into the country.

The financial crisis that happened in 2009 also was saved slowly but sure. He also succeeded in hitting unemployment by 5%, which makes it the lowest compared to the years before. The GNP of the United States also increased USD 3 Trillion, making it up to $17,4 trillion. Therefore, even though he is no longer president he is still in the hearts of people.

2. Joko Widodo

One of the next famous presidents in the world is Indonesians president Joko Widodo. In the 2014 election, Jokowi was selected as president until now. The people love him because of his simplicity and humbleness. Even though he has the title president, he acts just like normal people like going to traditional markets.

Therefore, people adore him very much. On the other hand, he has also developed many infrastructures in Indonesia. For example, roads and bridges, making it easy to get from one place to another. With his loyalty and humble side, Joko Widodo was chosen again in the latest election to lead Indonesia again.

3. Donald Trump

On of the top famous presidents from around the world must be Donald Trump. The man of business and investment has now become the president of the United States. He started as president in 2018, after Barrack Obama finished his period. Before being president, Donald Trump was already famous and rich. Therefore, when he became president he became more famous and rich.

However, he was more known for his unique decisions in some policies of the United States. An example was forbidding some religions into a certain area in the United States. Some of the people supported his decision, but others just hated is as much. Therefore, he is popular with love and hate at the same time.

These three top famous presidents from around the world are different with their unique style. But one thing for sure, is they have made a difference in their country. Whether it is the system they have changed or gaining more GNP. Therefore, they are popular and loved by their people. Even if they stop being president, they will still be very popular. 

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