There are some countries with best quality of life throughout the world. Many factors affect the quality of a country, such as income equality, family-friendly, economical stable, and so on. If these factors have a good score, so the quality of life in a country will be better.

Based on research made by US News there are 5 countries with best quality of life. 4 of the 5 countries that have the best quality of life are from the European continent. Here is a list of 5 countries that have the best quality of life:

Countries with best quality of life

1. Canada

This country that is very close to the United States has a high quality of life. This is because this country has a clean environment, a high level of welfare and education of its people. Canada is also a safe country because the crime rate is very low.

So, if you want to try traveling alone, this country can be one of the best places. Even though this country uses two languages, English and French. However, this country is popular with its people who are friendly to tourists.

2. Sweden

Sweden has always been the benchmark for the highest quality countries in the world. This country has a clean environment with minimal pollution. This is because a clean environment is an indicator of quality in the country.

Besides, the level of welfare of the Swedish community is also good. This is because here there are almost no workers who work overtime but still get enough salary. So, no wonder Sweden is one of the countries with best quality of life.

3. Denmark

Denmark has a high level of welfare because more than 73% of its citizens aged 15-64 have decent jobs. Besides, the salary they get is also satisfying. Low living costs and affordable prices for local goods make citizens more able to take advantage of their income

Besides, Denmark also provides leave for 5 weeks per year. This is one factor in the high level of happiness of its citizens. So, the average worker there only uses 40% of their time to work.

4. Norway

The country, which has a population of 5 million, is one of the countries that have the best quality of life in the entire world. One of the main keys is that this country has an abundant leave policy for parents.

There is health insurance for all citizens and subsidized daycare centers make all citizens happy to live here. Financial support for a certain period when people are sick or losing their jobs is also the excellence of this country.

5. Switzerland

If you want a high and competitive salary, you can stay in this country. This is because Switzerland is one of the countries that have a high standard of living with a fantastic salary. Despite global uncertainties, political and economic stability in Switzerland has even increased.

No wonder so many people have moved to Switzerland to work. They also said that they enjoy a better standard of living compared to their home country. Besides, this country also has a clean environment that affects the physical health of its citizens.

Those are 5 countries with best quality of life you should know. The five countries certainly have their respective advantages so that they can become the countries that have the best quality of life. From the five countries above, which country do you want to visit one day?