People are starting to change their ways of reading. In the past, people would read printed media, books and magazines. However now E-book has become a new media on how people read. Simply with downloading an E-book on their smartphones, people could easily read anytime, anywhere. In smartphones, E-books are read by E-Ready apps which is easier. Application companies nowadays are competing in developing the best e-Reader Apps for Android.

E-readers are chosen because it is easy to be read. It is not easy to be ripped, cheaper and eco-friendly. People do not even need to provide a bookcase to keep their favorite reading books. These are why E-books and E-readers are now people’s favorite media to read. There are a lot of applications available especially on android. So much, it might confuse you on which on to use. Here are some best e-Reader Apps for Android that you can download and try.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle one Smartphone and tablets most favorite and best e-Reader Apps for Android as Mac also. It offers a wide section of books, newspapers and even magazines. As to simplify the readers, this app also have a built-in-dictionary which helps reader. Readers can easily search for new words without getting out of this application.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

This application is a free e-Reader App that people can download. A fun fact about Aldiko Book Reader is that the books do not take up the device’s memory. Readers could also adjust the background reading section, font size, and font face. This application is also suitable for kinds of type of books such as EPUB, PDF, and rental online book.

3. Alreader 

Alreader is quite a new application that is created for books online lover. The pages can be used animation ally. It also provides many display modes for the readers to choose from. Readers can download this application for free on their Android. 

 4. Bluefire Reader 

The best e-Readers app for Android is Bluefire Reader. This app has a lot of neat features that can be useful for readers. Such as highlighting texts, bookmarking, note-taking and dictionary lookup. Readers can even do contextual searching with this application. When a reader uses a different device for reading, they do not need to worry. Because readers could use the page sync feature to read across the device. They would not lose track of their current book and page.

 5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an e-Reader app that is also a virtual bookstore on Android devices. It does not only provide a book with texts in it, but also pictures such as comics. The interesting thing about Google Play Books is that readers could upload their books. This application lets readers have a sneak peek into books before purchasing. There are even some readings that do not require payment.

Reading provides many advantages for readers. With reading, it could add our knowledge, vocabulary and increase our focus and concentration. Some even say that readers could travel the world only reading. Because books can’t be brought easily for daily activity, digital provided us with the best e-Readers apps for androids. A simple easy way to read books. 

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