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Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

The president of a country has always played an important role in a country. In most countries, the public selects the president. Therefore, it is sure that the public put their respect and believes in the president. Also, there are some famous presidents from around the world.

Top 3 Famous Presidents From Around The World

However, some presidents can bring a big change to their country. And at the same time spread positive vibes to other presidents around the world. This is why people love and care for them. And being a president is not an easy job. But, these top famous presidents from around the world made it happen. Let’s see who is on the top list:

1. Barrack Obama

Who doesn’t know the ex-president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama? He started as the President of America since 2009 and lasted for 2 periods. Even though he is not the president anymore, people will always remember him as the president of change. He brought a lot of change and positive vibes into the country.

The financial crisis that happened in 2009 also was saved slowly but sure. He also succeeded in hitting unemployment by 5%, which makes it the lowest compared to the years before. The GNP of the United States also increased USD 3 Trillion, making it up to $17,4 trillion. Therefore, even though he is no longer president he is still in the hearts of people.

2. Joko Widodo

One of the next famous presidents in the world is Indonesians president Joko Widodo. In the 2014 election, Jokowi was selected as president until now. The people love him because of his simplicity and humbleness. Even though he has the title president, he acts just like normal people like going to traditional markets.

Therefore, people adore him very much. On the other hand, he has also developed many infrastructures in Indonesia. For example, roads and bridges, making it easy to get from one place to another. With his loyalty and humble side, Joko Widodo was chosen again in the latest election to lead Indonesia again.

3. Donald Trump

On of the top famous presidents from around the world must be Donald Trump. The man of business and investment has now become the president of the United States. He started as president in 2018, after Barrack Obama finished his period. Before being president, Donald Trump was already famous and rich. Therefore, when he became president he became more famous and rich.

However, he was more known for his unique decisions in some policies of the United States. An example was forbidding some religions into a certain area in the United States. Some of the people supported his decision, but others just hated is as much. Therefore, he is popular with love and hate at the same time.

These three top famous presidents from around the world are different with their unique style. But one thing for sure, is they have made a difference in their country. Whether it is the system they have changed or gaining more GNP. Therefore, they are popular and loved by their people. Even if they stop being president, they will still be very popular. 

Easy Best Recipes For Meatloaf You Might Want To Try

Having a meatloaf in your storage but confused about what kind of food you want to make? This is the answer to what are you searching for. Some of the best recipes for meatloaf you can make easily:

Easy Best Recipes For Meatloaf You Might Want To Try

1. Keto Meatloaf


First of all, you should prepare the ingredients. Prepare 500 grams of meatloaf, 1/2 piece sliced onion, 2 eggs and then shake it. Besides, you also need tomato sauce, salty soy sauce, garlic powder, and chili powder if you love spicy food. For the sauce, prepare the tomato sauce, mustard, water, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and salt.


Preheat the oven in temperature 180’C. After that, prepare the baking sheet and covered it with aluminum foil then apply oil on the surface. Moving to meatloaf dough, prepare a bowl and put in the ingredients like meatloaf, onions and many more. If you finished it, put it into the baking sheet.

The meatloaf dough is ready to bake but we should prepare the sauce first. Mix all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and then put half of it into the meatloaf dough. Next, put it into the oven and wait for 55 minutes. Take the meatloaf dough and add half of the sauce and put it again to the oven. Wait for 15 minutes and the Keto Meatloaf is ready to serve.

2. Original Meatloaf


This original Meatloaf didn’t need many ingredients like before and always considered as one of the best recipes for meatloaf. First of all, you need 340 gr meatloaf, 1/2 egg, 1/2 pieces of sliced onion, 120 ml fresh milk, 55 gr bread crumbs, salt, and pepper. Besides, you also need some of the ingredients for the sauce. You need 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 teaspoon Mustard, and 40 ml tomato sauce.


In first, preheat the oven into maybe 175’C. We are gonna prepare the meatloaf dough first. Add meatloaf, egg, onion, fresh milk, and bread crumbs into one big bowl. Add some salt and pepper and then mix all the ingredients, make sure you did it perfectly. When it is done, add this meatloaf dough into the baking sheet. Don’t forget to cover it with aluminum foil and oil before.

In another bowl, we gonna prepare for the sauce. It is an easies step in this best recipe for meatloaf. Just mix the brown sugar, mustard, and tomato sauce. After that, put it into the top of the meatloaf dough. Last, put the baking sheet into the oven and wait for 1 hour. Take your plate and enjoy this delicious food.

3. Chinese Meatloaf


Prepare 200 gr of meatloaf and 200 gr chicken meatloaf. Also, you need 3 garlic (chopped), 2 cm ginger, 1 teaspoon maize flour, half of the onions, 1 teaspoon fried onions.


In this meatloaf, you will not use the oven but use the steamer. First, mix all the ingredients properly in a bowl. Make sure you not using a plastic bowl because you will put it in the steamer.

You can add some additional ingredients like sugar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and salt depends on your lovely taste. Put the bowl into the steamer and wait for 30 minutes until it perfectly cooked. Serve your Chinese Meatloaf on a plate and enjoy your meal.

So there are several best recipes for meatloaf that you can try at home. Also, by making meatloaf can make your family dinner more livelier.

7 Steps How To Manage Business Finance

Managing finance is one of the important things to think about when you want to start a business. Unfortunately, there are still many business people out there who suffer losses simply because they are unable to manage business finances properly. In this article, we will provide several ways on how to manage business finance.

7 Steps How To Manage Business Finance

1. Determining Percentage in Financial Management

How to manage business finance well? The first thing that needs to be done is to determine what percentage of money is allocated for. Also manage what percentage of profit targets to be achieved, what percentage of money for cash reserves of the business. And also what percentage of money for business development. By determining a percentage, you can more easily manage finances in accordance. Of course with the portion that was determined at the beginning of starting a business.

2. Negotiate Before Signing the Contract

Sometimes, you have to dig for a good offer. When making a purchase from a vendor or contract with a supplier, try negotiating with the supplier for a better deal. Always check the terms of purchase. Such as fines and grace periods when making a decision. By negotiating, sometimes you will be able to get the best offer. So that you save more and maintain the financial stability of the business.

3. Doing a Cash Spin

Don’t just focus on profit. How to manage business finance also includes how you manage debt, receivables, and inventories. Many businesses have cash difficulties. Even though their accounting records show good numbers. Consider how to manage your company’s cash flow. However, if your business has experienced cash flow problems, do these 4 ways to improve your company’s cash flow.

4. Pay Bills On Time

You need to pay all the business bills on time. Set up monthly reminders to make sure no business bills are due. Avoiding late payment of fees can maintain business finances well.

5. Reducing the Risk of Debt

As much as possible reduce the risk of debt in running your business. Developing a business by way of debt is indeed permissible. However, you still have to be careful with debt. The additional burden of debt installments in unfavorable financial conditions will only worsen business conditions.

6. Planning for Business Development

You have the right to enjoy the benefits of the business. But that does not mean you can just spend it. You still have to set aside some of the profits for business development. Proper business development is one form of investment that needs to be done.

7. Make Financial Bookkeeping

How to manage business finance is not enough to be managed only based on human memory. Need for complete records. For example, such as making financial reports, both profit and loss statements and balance sheets. Try to record all transactions in simple bookkeeping. Thus, you can control all of your business financial transactions. Also, making bookkeeping will make it easier for you to evaluate business development.

These are the seven ways how to manage business finance. The more you understand business finance, the more prepared you are to make smart decisions in managing finances. The most important thing is that you can minimize any risk that has the potential to harm the business and you can continue to learn to develop the business better.

The Body Can Bruise Cause Blood Clot, An Early Symptom Of Blood Clots

Most bruises are caused by physical injury and can improve on their own in a period of several days. However, if bruises often occur without any apparent cause or appear suddenly, chances are it is caused by blood clots. Let’s look at an explanation of the body can bruise cause blood clot.

Can bruise cause blood clot

Blood Clotting Process

The condition of blood clots occurs because of a blood mechanism to clot there is an injury or lesion. This condition can be pathological or physiological. Blood needs to flow continuously all of the body. However, there is a wound on the body, blood immediately stops flowing to make blood clots.

The formation of blood clots begins every time blood flows in contact. That matter with certain substances on the skin or blood vessel walls. This is done by platelets (small pieces of a cell found in the blood) it results in damaged vessel walls.

Healthy blood clots will generally help save a person’s condition while stopping the bleeding. However, blood clots can also form when not needed and cause strokes. heart attacks, or other problems.

Disorders of Blood Vessels that Can Cause Bruise

Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a blood vessel disorder that must be attended. DIC is a condition of blood clots in the small blood vessels of the body. This clotting can reduce or inhibit blood flow through blood vessels.

In the early stages, DIC will cause excessive blood clots. As a result, blood clots can reduce blood flow and block blood from reaching organs. The next stage, platelets, and blood clotting factors (substances in the blood are responsible for forming blood clots) become depleted.

This incident resulted in blood clots so that the body became bruised. In addition, there is a lot of bleeding in the body. Another effect that appears is the appearance of red spots on the surface of the skin (petechiae). This can bruise causing blood clots.

Bruising Due to Blood Clots

When clotting occurs in a vein, redness, pain, swelling, and warmth may appear. Sometimes, the entire swollen area becomes bluish due to the large freezing. This can bruise cause blood clot.

However, if blood clots occur in the arteries, this can be more severe. Blood flows in the arteries to perform biological functions such as breathing. So, if there is freezing, you can sweat, shortness of breath, sometimes nausea, pain, chest pressure, or indigestion.

Symptoms of blood clotting disorders vary, depending on the underlying conditions. However, a common symptom that often occurs is easy bruising without reason.

Blood disorders can not be healing completely, but treatment therapy can relieve symptoms. Blood will be more likely to clot when you do not have the right balance. That balance is between the types of proteins that cause and stop blood clots.

Vitamin Deficiency Spurs Bruises

Some vitamins play an important role in making blood, covering wounds, and healing wounds. Vitamin B12 along with folate makes red blood cell DNA. Lack of this vitamin makes bruising more obvious than usual.

Vitamin K is quite important in blood clotting. So that a deficiency can make blood vessels leak and appear on the surface of the skin as bruises. Meanwhile, vitamin C deficiency turns out to also make blood vessels weak and can bruise cause blood clot.

Those are some things about being able to can bruise cause blood clot. Although it cannot be completely cured, treatment can relieve symptoms. Generally, the goal of treatment is to make blood flow normally without any abnormal clotting.

5 Best Leader All The Time Over The World

best leader all the time

The leader is the key to its own country. The leader can make that country bad or good depending on what they say, they act and they’re doing. However, the leader is a changer for his environment and atmosphere. Did you know, who’s the best leader all the time in your own country?

A leader must have the qualities to influence his people and if necessary the world. as a result, their services remembered by the people. Below are the best leaders all the times in their own countries:

1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

He was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat. he is also known as a founding father of India. As a Hindu, Gandhi applied his religious teachings to inspire the world to renounce violence, uphold human rights and independence.

2. Recep Tayyib Erdogan

Erdogan’s initial achievements include a series of reforms to abolish the death penalty that caught the attention of the European Union, to start a peace process with Kurdish militants. He was born in Istanbul’s neglected Kasim Pasa district to a working-class family from Rize, a city at the Black Sea Coast, on February 26, 1954. then, he tries to apply some Islam policies in Turkey, thus make some opposition attack him.

3. George Washington

George Washington is a politician, general, and statesman which is the Founding Father of the United States (US). He is the leader of the independence war between the US and the UK. Because of his services, then he became the first US president. He was born on February 22, 1732, in West Moreland County, Virginia.

4. Soekarno

He was born on June 6, 1901, in Pacitan city, East Java. He’s the leader of the Indonesian independence movement and Indonesia’s first president who suppressed the country’s original parliamentary system in favor of and authority ‘Guided Democracy’ because of that, Suharto catch and adjudicate him in parliament.

5. Prophet Muhammad Pbu

The list best leader all the time without this person. His full name is Abi Al-Qasim Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Abd Al-Muttalib ibn Hashim. He was born C.570 (in the Islamic calendar, 12 Rabbi’ul Awwal) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He is the greatest man in Islam. then, his attitude, his ability, and his skill is the role model for the next Muslim generation. therefore, he has a big responsibility to teach Islam for others.

Those are the best leader all the time that made many movements and changed the world. They never give up on his struggle to make a better future. hence, today the world is better than yesterday. So, are you ready to be the next leader to change the world?

5 Reasons Why Business Ethics Important For Organizations

why business ethics important

Talking about the organization, it strongly relates to people’s culture and values. There is a system that guides that culture and values. It is an ethic which in the business world is not only about moral or social rules. But sometimes also codified into laws and other restrictions. Here you will find the reasons why business ethics important in every organization.

Ethics are actually formed for all people in organizations. Whether you are the manager, the employee, or the client. The ethics are also various. It depends on the business scoop. You cannot make every ethics are equal. For example, business operation in the media is different from banking. Thus, both of them are different. However, the urgencies of why business ethics important are the same. Here they are:

1. Employee Loyalty

As we mentioned above which ethics applies for both structural and the people. The managers must show honesty and integrity. Then the employees will see that manner. They will increase their productivity and morality. This situation absolutely gives benefits to the organization. Business runs properly and the employees have a better attitude too.

2. Attract Highly Talented People

The use of business ethic could also retain talented people. This kind of person usually seeks a positive and full of spirit place. Another benefit of constant positive ethics is a stronger bond with the organization. It is a long-last positive effect that should be maintained.

3. Protecting Customers

The organization should examine the customers’ privacy and security very clearly. This never happens if no ethics in that business. The example of a business runs an ethic very well is a technology company. This company usually can easily track their customer data online. That data is very useful for marketing. Thus, when there is no protection for the customer, the company can sell the data.

4. Increase Profit for Long-Term

When the public knows the business has strong ethics, they automatically believe its integrity. This builds a positive reputation, not only for the customers but also for the investors. Once they know it, the investors have no hesitation to put their money for the business operation. Because for the experts, ethics are something that vital and very serious.

5. Strengthen the Existing Culture

Every company has specific cultures. It brings the company to one identity, vision, and mission. By running one culture, the company can unite the various backgrounds of people. The stronger ethics applied, the stronger the culture in each individual. Moreover, this can transform personal identity into a company’s personality. That is why sometimes we find an employee who strongly very loyal to the company.

Business ethics are implemented in various forms. That could be the spoken and unspoken form, thus, you must quite careful about the unspoken one. It is good when you see the written ethics. But for that form, you should really give your attention. The reasons above about why business ethics important are applied in every place. Even though you find in a different form, the basics are the same as those explanations.

How To Europe Travel Cheaply? Here’s What You Can Do

Europe has a lot of places you should explore. Europe has a lot of natural beauty, epic architecture, and culinary diversity. For instance, you can visit Paris, Buckingham Palace, Rome Colosseum or many more. So, how to Europe travel cheaply?

Therefore, Europe has many seasons you should watch. You could see snow covering everything near you, the flowers started to bloom, and the incredibly blue sky.  Europe also knows as the center of fashion style in the world. That’s why you may also know Europe as an expensive place to explore. Above all, now Europe gets easier to visit.

How To Europe Travel Cheaply

The plane, the restaurant, the hotel, or the train ticket are really expensive if you get the wrong choice. If you asking how to Europe travel cheaply, we have some tips for you. 

1. Travel Europe by Buses

We highly recommend you to travel to Europe by bus because it was the cheapest way you can get. It will be not that comfortable and take a longer time. But, you can get less cost. You can choose Flixbus travel, which has an application that makes it easier.

2. Book the Plane Ticket Far Away Before

The ticket is getting more expensive if it is closer to the departure date. In the same vein, you should buy it for less than 3 months before. Don’t forget to spare your time to select the airlines. If you are lucky enough, you can get a discount that makes your journey cheaper.

3. Don’t Go When Summer Time

How to Europe travel cheaply while Summertime? You can’t. The price of the hotel is going up almost twice than usual. Europe is in the summertime from June to September. It is more good for you to choose another season to go.

4. Choose East Europe as The Destination

Some big cities in West Europe like London, Paris or Rome are famously expensive. Find the alternative in East Europe like Poland, Hungary, or Romania. Similarly, the countries are also beautiful to see but not that popular. You can have a different experience when you visit an unpopular country.

5. Stay at Homestay or Hostel

The hotel is the place you should avoid if you looking for a cheap trip. You need more money while you stay at it. The place you can choose is homestay or the hostel. Because it offers you a cheaper price. If you have a friend on there, you can choose to stay at their place to minimize the budget.

6. Eat at The Edges of The City

In the center of the city or restaurant, the food is expensive. They usually raise the price because there was a tour area with many tourists. Trying to search in edges of the city will give you a quite place with interesting food. Above all, the price you get will be more friendly with your pocket.

Your question, how to Europe travel cheaply has been answered. If you want to go to Europe cheaply, you need to adjust your budget with the things you want. Prepare your schedule and let’s travel to Europe.

What Food Contain Gluten? Let’s Check The List

People with special health conditions may not consume gluten too often. So, they have to keep their food intake free of gluten. For those of you who keep asking what food contain gluten, you should read this article. This article will tell you about any food that contains gluten.

If you want to maintain your diet, you can also eat gluten-free food. So, from now on try to find out what food contain gluten. It is very useful for you to avoid foods that contain gluten. The following are the list of food that contains gluten:

1. Bread

Most bread is made from wheat flour and barley. Including muffins, bagels, croissants, and burgers, even pizza. If you want to substitute it, choose bread made from potatoes and rice flour.

Do not forget to pay attention to the packaging label. Make sure the bread you buy includes the gluten-free label. If there is no gluten-free label, try checking the ingredients of the bread you want to buy.

2. Noodles

Usually, the noodles on the market are made from wheat flour. The levels of gluten in flour are divided into three types, high, medium, and low. The use of wheat flour with different levels of gluten for the same recipe will give different results.

The higher the gluten, the result of the texture will be tough. Now you can replace the noodle ingredients with pregel flour. This flour is gluten-free and will produce chewy noodles. The pregel flour will produce a similar texture to wheat flour.

3. Cereals

All types of wheat contain gluten, including malt (wheat seeds) and oats. Therefore, most people who avoid gluten change their breakfast with fruit and yogurt. If you want to add oats, you should also make sure the oats you choose are gluten-free.

Moreover, you can replace the cereals with a cereal made from rice or corn. There are also cereals that contain grain, dried fruits, nuts, and honey as natural sweeteners. You can eat the ideal cereal in the morning that can provide enough energy to the body.

4. Pasta

People on gluten diets usually replace their pasta with other types of carbohydrates. The cause is, whatever the type of preparations, all foods made from pasta must be made from wheat. Italian foods such as macaroni, spaghetti, and fettuccine are pasta-based foods.

If you still want to eat pasta, now you will easily find gluten0free pasta. You will find it by paying attention to pasta packaging that has a gluten-free label. Choose products that contain ingredients that are good for your body.

5. Cookies and Biscuits

Many people make cookies and biscuits that contain wheat flour. So, if you eat cookies and biscuits, it will not be gluten-free. It is because brownies, casters, or other cookies that use wheat flour or wheat also contain gluten.

But, now you can really enjoy it because there are many cookies and biscuits manufacturers that make gluten-free products. There is also gluten-free flour that you can get when you want to make your own cookies and biscuits.

Here are the lists of what food contain gluten. You do not need to worry after looking at the list because there is still much healthy food that is gluten-free. For example, you can eat beans, rice, soybeans, potatoes, or even cassava.

5 Best App For Project Management To Control Your Progress

best app for project management

Be a part of a team project pushes you to be disciplined. Because you must complete some tasks in a tight deadline. Sometimes the progress cannot be continued if one certain process has not been finished. Knowing that each other is connected, you need something to manage the project. Let’s find the best app for project management here. You might need this tool to control the progress, take care of your people until managing the deadline.

Having this app is really helpful. You can monitor how far the project is running. Also, you don’t have to stay in the office every day. Each people can do their part remotely, then update through the app. So, everybody knows what is next to do. This working style is very effective. Go get this best app for project management and ask your people to install on their phone:

1. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular apps to manage a project. No matter how big your project, Trello is great for organizing the deadline, tasks, and progress. The interface is very user-friendly, so you and your team can use is through Android, iOS, or desktop. It supports any kind of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Trello also allows each user to send their idea. All people can do a discussion without having to meet face to face.

2. Basecamp

This app is a well-known app for many people. Besides, it is user-friendly, you can use its free trial offer for 30 days. After this period is passed, you have to pay for $99/month. But before you judge this app, see its superb features. By using Basecamp you can hold everybody’s commitment. There is a feature that helps you to track each other’s progress. Not only it, communication and sharing ideas would be easier and transparent with Basecamp.

3. Asana

The project has never been easy without using Asana. In this fast-paced era, everything needs to speed up. Asana is the best app for project management if you are in rushing the deadline. Its features help people to know each other’s roles, their parts, and responsibilities. Project activities are tracked in real-time, then whenever you update the to-do list, no one will skip it. A project with up to 15 persons is free using Asana, but it costs $10.99 for more than 15 members.

4. Quire

Ensure your project progress through Quire. This app allows you to break one task into smaller tasks. Everybody can set the prioritize and to-do list. Thus, you can understand every task in detail. You won’t be confused when your supervisor or client asks the progress because you know until the smallest part. Quire is good to build a collaborative team.

5. Teamweek

If you are looking for an integrated tool with the other online app, then Teamweek is the answer. It is available for iOs and desktop. Also, it is free for 5 users, but if your team is more than 5, you can choose the cost of the plan. First, Teamweek will direct you to see the big picture of your project. Then, you can set the roadmap and share it with your people. By doing this, your progress is easier to track because you make sure each step is completed.

A good app is not only fulfilling user’s needs. It must be designed very well so everyone who uses it is comfortable. The best app for project management has those important things. Just like the other technology should do, the app must help you to work faster and more effective.

4 Games Like The Sims For Android, For A Change

games like the sims for android

Maxis developed a game called The Sims who having a life-simulation theme. It plays by a single player in a virtual world populated with many non-player characters (NPCs). This game is like you create another life of yours where you can become what you want, find love, go date, and having children. In short, The Sims can fulfill your desires. But are there any games like The Sims for Android for you to play on your mobile phone?

The plus point about The Sims is that the player in the Sims can customize his character with a lot of stuff and combine many outfits and jewelry. You can decorate your virtual Sims house with lots of accessories and redesign your character house. With its popularity, there are several games for Android with similar concepts. Here are some games like The Sims for Android you can try:

1. Hollywood U: Rising Stars

This application is a Virtual World Simulation created and published by one company; Pixelberry. Hollywood U: Rising Stars are set in a beautiful world full of celebrities. At first, you will select your character job like Movie Star, Director or Fashionista, be ready and choose your dress for the red carpet.

This application brings a chance for you to live in the dream world where you can do whatever you want. Hollywood U: Rising Stars will show you any cost that you should pay to become a celebrity. You can try different outfits because this application has so many customization options.

2. SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is a 3D virtual MMORPG based on Social Networking created by Outsmart. In this game, so many things you can do like harvesting, feed and care your pets, playing in snow or backyard, and also chat with your friends.

This application offered so many features. You can build your building, craft anything you like, trade any item with your friends and enjoying your life in the full-color virtual world with many opportunities. SmallWorlds make you connected with any people around the world.

3. Home Street

Home Street is a Virtual World Simulation with many online players. This application is developed and published by Supersolid. This game takes place in a beautiful world with all players around the world as residents.  It enables you to customize your avatar, dressed up, and compare so many accessories.

In this application, you can get hundreds of friends. Your creativity to impress your buddies is important here. You can be a party organizer and then invite your friends to join it. This game has The Sims basic features but improves and develops it in a good way. With all those features, Home Street is the best game to enjoy.

4. Avakin Life

Before you enjoy this game you should make your avatar first, customize it with so many options for shoes, hair color, shirt, glasses and more. Try a weird outfit to make your avatar look unique and then interact with people from another country in this game.

You can play a role to be a model, engineer, doctors and many others over a dozen locations, exciting scenes. This game offered you a second life where you can reach your dream in your way.

Those are several games like The Sims for Android. In addition, you don’t need to get worried again if you were getting bored with The Sims. Thus, try those applications and enjoy the game. Don’t forget to take a rest, it all just a virtual world, not a real one.

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