Have you ever heard about Kanamara Matsuri? Or do you know about Famadihana? All of that is the culture of some countries. As we know, every country has its own culture such as traditional rituals and beliefs. History is the one who greatly influence the country. Some traditions may look and sound strange to another party. But for the one who does it, that’s totally normal. Even so, there are many traditions and cultures that fascinate people all over the world. What is that? If you wish to know, let’s take a look at the unique tradition from around the world.

1. Songkran

What do you do in new years? Praying? Or watch a firework? None of those happen in Thailand. When the Thai New Year comes, people, celebrate it with Songkran. It is a water festival. People will go out and come to the street. And they will bring any water weapon they have. Then have fun with the water festival.

2. The Polterabend

The next unique tradition from around the world is the polterabend. This tradition comes from German. When there is a future married couple, the family and friends will have dinner. And try to guess what’s happening next. They will break any porcelain except the glass. Then they will ask the future married couple to clean all the mess.

You may think that their action is outrageous. But, there is deep meaning about it. This tradition exists to teach the couple about how unity and hardworking is essential to lead a married life. Also, this is believed to bring luck and make the marriage life last long.

3. Kanamara Matsuri

Try to visit Japan on the first Sunday in April. You will encounter with Kanamara Matsuri. What’s make this festival unique is the theme of the festival that you will not find anywhere. In this Kanamara Matsuri, you will see the parade of giant penis. Not only you’ll find the giant penis, but you also will see the penis in varying sizes and colors.

Kanamara Matsuri is used to be a Shinto’s fertility tradition. But in recent years this festival has a different meaning. It is turned to be a sex-positive tradition

4. Famadihana

Famadihana is one of the unique tradition from around the world. This tradition comes from Madagaskar. Every seven years or so, living families will buy new clothes for their dead ancestors. And then they will dance with the dead ancestor and even give the gift to the dead ancestors.

When the famadihana festival comes, the living family must not mourn or feel sad for the dead. Instead, they will be happy. This tradition has been done by the living families and they will continue this tradition in the future.

5. Hanging Coffin

There is one unique tradition in Sagada, Philippine. It is hanging coffin. In that place, the dead people will not be burried instead they will be hanging in a limestone cave. People who do this tradition believe that by hanging the coffin, monster and beast will not take away the coffin. They also believe that by hanging the coffin it will purify and bless the departed soul.

That’s some of unique tradition from around the world. Even so, this world still has many unique tradition we do not know yet. Although there is some tradition that sounds strange, it is still this world tradition. What we have to is to protect and enjoy this unique tradition.

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