As a teacher, we need to be a hero and a guide for our students at the same time. Unfortunately, the teacher cannot stay just for a condition. There is a lot of duty that should be fulfilled by the teacher. One of the duties is to keep the class effective. When the class becomes effective, the teaching and learning process will be running well. Students feel more comfortable and interesting in the material given. So, what are the tips to keep your class effective? Check this explanation below.

1. Make A Mystery Of The Lesson

The important duty of the teacher is to make students interested in the material. Therefore, if the students are interested in the material, the class will be effective and running well. Thus, you need to include a mystery inside your lesson. The mystery means you make some puzzle that your students need to solve the problem. Therefore, the teaching and learning process will be more fun and interesting.

2. Avoid The Repeating Of The Material

Some teacher always does this big fault. Sometimes you need to do a material review in order to remind students about the previous material. It is okay to make a review but avoid repeating the same material. When the teacher repeats the same material students will bored and the teaching and learning process will not interesting and effective anymore. You should build the desire of the students as a way to keep your class effective.

3. Doing A Game In Class

We cannot realize that game is the best tips to keep your class effective. Even your students are senior high school students, you still able to practice a game in your class. You can combine the game with the material which is you want to discuss. Therefore, students will be more interest and become active in the teaching and learning process.

4. Give Them The Chance To Speak

Everybody likes to be a star. Therefore, you also need to give a chance for your students to become a star and expressing their idea in class. You need to give them chance to speak. Make a group discussion and try to discuss some problems. It will make your class more life and fun.

5. Try To Use Technology

Technology is still the most famous media of learning in education life. Thus, the teacher should understand and try to use technology as the learning media. You can combine the usage of technology and build student’s cooperative learning or critical thinking. Therefore, the learning process will be more valuable and also fun. As a teacher, we cannot close our eyes from the technology because the young generation such as our students, like to use technology. Thus we must be able to know them so well and teach them by something which is interesting for them.

A teacher is a hero. But the hero doesn’t built without effort. If becoming students need much effort, then becoming a teacher needs a triple effort. It is not an easy duty to becoming a hero. Therefore, the teacher is the best hero ever after a mother.

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