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Things On What To Prepare Before Starting A Business Meeting

When attending a business meeting, there are quite many things to prepare. Whether the meeting is with the other member of the team, with the boss, with the clients, or with other people. Not only from the meeting equipment but also the materials as well. Sometimes, it is also important to ask for some helps to get the best preparation. Moreover, to know the details about what the meeting is going to discuss about. There are many things on what to prepare before starting a business meeting.

It is important to know where the meeting would take place. Not only that, but people must also know with whom the meeting would have. We do not want to be too casual in a formal meeting. While we also do not want to be too serious for a casual meeting. So, to not get the meeting wrong, here are things on what to prepare before starting a business meeting.

1. Know the Meeting

Like as explained before, it is important to know what kind of meeting that we would be attending. If it is needed, do a little research first. The first thing to know is the people we would be meeting with. Whether we could be the one to the presentation or not, make sure to know their position and their background. It would help us in the next preparation. The next thing to know is the place of the meeting. Knowing the place would also lead us to which kind of meeting would be.

2. Prepare the Material

The next thing on what to prepare before starting a business meeting is to prepare the material well. Especially if we are the ones to the presentation. People need to know the materials as details as possible. If it needed, make some backup plans. Preparing the material is also important for people who are presented. Do not let other people explain the presentation but others could not understand the material well.

3. Prepare the Place Clean and Neat

Whenever the location takes in or outside the office, people should also remember to prepare the place. Make sure the place is clean and neat enough for the meeting, especially if the meeting would take much time. Also, make sure the tables and chairs provide enough for the participants. Another thing to prepare is the presentation projector and the cables all are ready to use.

4. Being in a Good Condition is Important

After everything on the location is ready, it is also important for us as the participants to be prepared. People must be in their best condition when attending a business meeting. The condition means, using neat clean clothes, and also appearing fragrant. Moreover, make sure to attend not in an empty stomach condition.

5. Make Time Before the Meeting Starts

Another thing about what to prepare before starting a business meeting is to maintain time well. People should show up before the time that is given. It is important for first to get ready before the meeting starts.

The things on what to prepare before starting a business meeting are important to pay attention to. Not only to appreciate the other members of the meeting. But also to reach the maximum result.

Easy Home Remedies For Sinus Infection You Can Try

Being healthy is a very important thing for many people. Thus, we must be aware of any kind of disease and infection including the sinus infection. The sinus infection might be similar to the common infection. It can make the accusative getting cold. However, there is still a difference between the common cold and sinus infection that we can determine. Moreover, there are many home remedies for sinus infection that we can apply easily.

home remedies for sinus infection

If the sinus infection has similar symptoms as a common cold, then we must be aware of determining the disease. The difference between the sinus infection and the common cold is the duration of the cold. If the common cold is easy to get better, then the sinus infection makes you get cold amounts of 10 days. For chronic sinusitis, the symptom is amounts of longer than 12 weeks. However, the sinus infection is able to get better on its own. But, we can conduct home remedies for sinus infection to speed up the healing by the following information.

1. Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking has an important role in healing our body including the sinus infection. By drinking, we can speed up to flush the virus out of our bodies. Therefore, we can get free from the virus and free from the sinus infection easily. To flush the virus out, we need to drink the amount of a glass of 8 ounces water every two hours. You must conduct this remedy until you get better.

2. Consume Some Immune-Boosting

As same to another virus, it can be fought by increasing the immunity of our body. Thus, to increase our immunity, we need to consume some immune-boosting food. The easiest immune-boosting food that we can find at home is ginger, garlic, and onions. You may eat them directly as the medicine or mix those ingredients to become tea.

3. Moisture And Hydrate The Virus

Another way to heal the sinus infection is by hydrate the virus. Then, how to hydrate the virus? The first thing you should be done is to make sure your room is moisture by applying the humidifier. Apply the humidifier along with your bedtime. Then, before going to bed, you can apply the natural saline nasal spray to break up congestion. Moreover, you can get a shower with warm water for about 10 minutes.

4. Using Oil To Fix The Virus

Not only the traditional medicine that can flush the virus but oil also able to flush the sinus virus. The oil that is used to flush the virus is eucalyptus oil. But, you should make sure that the oil is food-grade oil before consuming it. After that, you can consume the oil for amounts of 1 drop by putting on the roof of the mouth. Then, drink water to flush the oil in.

To sum up, even the sinus infection can get better by its own self, we should still conduct the remedies to speed it up. Therefore, the infection should be fixed faster and restrain the virus to get chronic. Not to mention, there are several home remedies for sinus infection you can try.

The Best Foods For Acid Reflux And Ulcers To Eat

Acid reflux and ulcers is an illness that almost anyone can experience, at least once in their life. This isn’t a serious illness and can be treated with home treatments. However, when you suffer from either acid reflux or ulcers it does hurt and can disturb your activities. Therefore, the easiest way to get rid of them is by eating the best foods for acid reflux and ulcers. 

best foods for acid reflux and ulcers

There is no certain diet that can help prevent from getting these two pains. However, the main cause of acid reflux is because the acid flows back up. It flows back into the tube that connects to the stomach and throat which will make the stomach uncomfortable. The effect of this illness is a pain in the stomach and throwing up. If you suddenly experience these signs, then it is best to stop eating spicy food and avoiding alcohol. Here are the best foods for acid reflux and ulcers that you should consume:

1. Banana

This fruit contains low-acid; therefore, it is safe for those with acid reflux. Banana also contains high-fiber that can help strengthen the digestive system in your body. This fruit also contains high fiber which can help remove stomach contents through your digestive. This is one of the ways to remove acid from your stomach in a traditional and homey way. On the other hand, if we let the food stay, it will just generate more acid inside. 

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another food that contains high fiber too, which is also helpful to remove acid reflux in your stomach. You can eat this food with low-fat milk or yogurt which can give extra fiber. Try not to drink or mix it with fat-milk because the oatmeal will not work its best. 

3. Yogurt

Just like oatmeal, yogurt also contains a soothing effect that can help remove the discomfort in the stomach. Therefore, it is one of the best foods for acid reflux and ulcers that you can drink or eat. Yogurt also contains good bacteria known as probiotics which will give a boost to your immune system. To give a better effect to the body, add some ginger in it which will act as an anti-inflammatory. 

4. Green Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables contain many kinds of nutrition that are healthy for the body. Well, one of the functions of this food is it can get rid of the ulcers and acid in your stomach. Vegetables are also natural, so they contain low fat and sugar which is good for the body. 

5. Lean Meat

If you are hungry and want to eat a big meal, then eat meat with low fat. Try to eat meat, fish or other kinds of seafood that is less oily too help reduce the pain in your stomach. These foods contain a lot of vitamins that will help remove the pain in your stomach. 

There is no basic rule and diet in preventing both acid reflux and ulcers. However, by consuming healthy food and changing your lifestyle can help you prevent these two pains. Try eating some of these best foods for acid reflux and ulcers regularly and cut off fat or oily food. This simple solution can help your body feel and get better. 


The List Of Most Unique Hotel in Japan For Your Stay

Japan has always been a favorite tourist destination for people in the world. Interest in culture and nature tourism is the reason who visit the land of Sakura. To go on vacation in Japan, a place to stay there. Here is a review of the most unique hotel in Japan.

most unique hotel in japan

1 Okura Tokyo Bay Hotel

Do you love Disney characters? Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is perfect for filling out the list of places where you must visit. Because this inn is the official hotel of Disney Resort Tokyo.

Of course, the Okura Tokyo Bay Hotel has some rooms designed with character themes in Walt Disney films. Of all the rooms, there is one room that is the main hotel room of the Tokyo Bay Okura.

The room uses a similar concept like a ryokan equipped with a variety of wooden furniture, tatami rugs, futon folding mattresses, and low tables. Interestingly, the location of this hotel is in Tokyo Bay which you can enjoy through the room window.

Not only that, every guest who stays here will be given the best service. The bonus, you can enjoy some facilities such as a spa, fitness center, swimming pool to the restaurant.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is the official Disney Resort Tokyo hotel. In addition, to having thematic rooms, are also the main attraction of the Tokyo Bay Okura Hotel is the options designed exactly as a ryokan.

Traditional rooms are decorated with some furniture, such as wooden, tatami rugs, futon folding mattresses, and low tables. Moreover, its location on Tokyo Bay, there was a beautiful sea to enjoy the view.

2 Hotel Yamatoya Honten

A hotel that offers home-style comfort. The Yamatoya Honten is about 542-0082 Chuo-ku Shimanouchi, Osaka. To go there, just five-minute from the Dotonbori tourist area.

Yamatoya Honten presents a beat of traditional Japanese life through rooms with shoji sliding doors and futon mattresses spread out on tatami mats, even though it is surrounded by modern buildings. Room options are also varied, it can contain up to five people or more.

Another thing that attracts her is the availability of hot spring bathing facilities which are differentiated according to gender and borrowed yukata to take pictures. In addition, Yamatoya Honten also provides Japanese-style banquet facilities.

3 Public Jam Hotel

The next on this list of the most unique hotel in Japan is this Public Jam Hotel. This hotel offers hotel rooms with different themes according to visitors’ tastes. You will surprise by the VW Beetle in the room, or sleep in the background of a classic wooden ship. The hotel has a ship-themed room in the Public Jam Hotel. There are also rooms with a Volkswagen Beetle theme.

4 Keio Plaza

For you lovers of the animated character Hello Kity, you must visit the Keio Plaza Hotel. They provide rooms with a Hello Kitty-theme, complete with furniture to a Hello Kitty-themed breakfast menu.

Tokyo is home to the animated character Hello Kitty. Thus, you can find hotels, ranging from decor concepts to food menus, all featuring the Hello Kitty character. Shades of pink in every corner of the room, combined with neat lighting, give the impression of comfort in a hotel room.

Those are some of the most unique hotel in Japan. The hotel very recommended for people who want to stay in an unusual place. Visitors just choose the type of lodging they want.

Athena Online Slot From Microgaming

Microgaming is probably the most established game providers to online gambling clubs and has perhaps the biggest portfolio. It has stayed up to date with the changing occasions as well as has frequently directed the progressions too. These two Aztec themed video openings outline this. Both Golden Princess and Amazing Aztecs can be played at online gambling clubs like Jackpot City, Platinum Play and Roxy Palace.

Customarily the designs in Aztec themed openings have been definite and luxurious in order to make a sensible impression of the rich social condition of the race. This is the situation with Golden Princess, which is the prior of the Microgaming Aztec themed spaces. The lucrative images are brilliant princess, warrior, panther and jaguar. The game logo is the wild image with an arbitrarily decided payout multiplier of 2x or 3x.  There are two unique highlights in the free twists. The wild image seems stacked. A money box image grants a riddle payout up to 10x the absolute wager. Brilliant Princess has the standard structure of 5 reels and 3 lines with 25 paylines.

Stunning Aztecs is an ongoing discharge and has been created by Just For The Win only for Microgaming. In spite of convention, the video opening has an innovator structure in level pastel hues. The space machine has the 243 different ways to win structure. The payout table gives multipliers applied to the absolute wager rather than the line wager as has been the standard. The master88 logo is the most lucrative image. The other lucrative images are four Aztecs, which are above all else, sovereign, kid and old woman. The low paying images are modernized portrayals of plans workmanship. There is no wild image. The reward highlight can be haphazardly activated after any triumphant turn. One of the images in the center reel is arbitrarily chosen. In the event that that image is a piece of any triumphant mix, at that point you are granted one Giant Respin. In this turn there are just the chosen image and spaces on the reel. Be that as it may, the chose image can likewise show up as 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 squares. Payouts are made for any subsequent winning mixes as per the equivalent payout table.

The 5 Top Countries With Best Quality Of Life In The World

There are some countries with best quality of life throughout the world. Many factors affect the quality of a country, such as income equality, family-friendly, economical stable, and so on. If these factors have a good score, so the quality of life in a country will be better.

Based on research made by US News there are 5 countries with best quality of life. 4 of the 5 countries that have the best quality of life are from the European continent. Here is a list of 5 countries that have the best quality of life:

Countries with best quality of life

1. Canada

This country that is very close to the United States has a high quality of life. This is because this country has a clean environment, a high level of welfare and education of its people. Canada is also a safe country because the crime rate is very low.

So, if you want to try traveling alone, this country can be one of the best places. Even though this country uses two languages, English and French. However, this country is popular with its people who are friendly to tourists.

2. Sweden

Sweden has always been the benchmark for the highest quality countries in the world. This country has a clean environment with minimal pollution. This is because a clean environment is an indicator of quality in the country.

Besides, the level of welfare of the Swedish community is also good. This is because here there are almost no workers who work overtime but still get enough salary. So, no wonder Sweden is one of the countries with best quality of life.

3. Denmark

Denmark has a high level of welfare because more than 73% of its citizens aged 15-64 have decent jobs. Besides, the salary they get is also satisfying. Low living costs and affordable prices for local goods make citizens more able to take advantage of their income

Besides, Denmark also provides leave for 5 weeks per year. This is one factor in the high level of happiness of its citizens. So, the average worker there only uses 40% of their time to work.

4. Norway

The country, which has a population of 5 million, is one of the countries that have the best quality of life in the entire world. One of the main keys is that this country has an abundant leave policy for parents.

There is health insurance for all citizens and subsidized daycare centers make all citizens happy to live here. Financial support for a certain period when people are sick or losing their jobs is also the excellence of this country.

5. Switzerland

If you want a high and competitive salary, you can stay in this country. This is because Switzerland is one of the countries that have a high standard of living with a fantastic salary. Despite global uncertainties, political and economic stability in Switzerland has even increased.

No wonder so many people have moved to Switzerland to work. They also said that they enjoy a better standard of living compared to their home country. Besides, this country also has a clean environment that affects the physical health of its citizens.

Those are 5 countries with best quality of life you should know. The five countries certainly have their respective advantages so that they can become the countries that have the best quality of life. From the five countries above, which country do you want to visit one day?

5 Methods On How to Write Business Proposal Properly

If you have a business, you certainly have to prepare a business proposal properly. You must do this so that your goals and objectives are conveyed properly through the business proposal that you write. If you haven’t understood how to write business proposal properly, you can read this article.

The business proposal is a media that explains the profile of a business. Also, it is a media to ask for help from certain parties to meet business needs. Therefore, you must make a business proposal properly and correctly. Here are how to write business proposal you can do easily:

1.     Write a Business Proposal Briefly and Clearly

Avoid writing business proposals that are too long so that it will be difficult for others to understand. Therefore, you should write a business proposal briefly and clearly so that it is easy to understand.

You must first determine what points you want to convey. After that, convey these points one by one briefly, clearly, and simply. You also have to know who your target audience will be. Then, you can more easily determine the style of language you want to use.

2.     Use Images or Infographics

Adding visual elements to a proposal is another method to make your business proposal more interesting. For example, you can add visual elements such as pictures or infographics. The presence of visual elements will also help you more easily convey the contents of your proposal.

Besides, try not to add too many pictures or infographics to business proposals. Because what’s important is that the contents of your proposal can be more easily conveyed by images or infographics.

3.     Avoid Excessive Words

Excessive words will make it difficult for others to understand your proposal. Your proposal will also reduce credibility so that other parties will doubt the contents of your business proposal.

So, you must use words that suit your needs. You also have to use a simple style of language so that everyone understands the business proposal you write. Thus, other parties will trust and more easily understand the contents of your business proposal.

4.     Make a Proposal Framework

A proposal framework will make it easier for you to develop a business proposal that you will write. There are several structures of the proposal framework, for example, your business background, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Don’t forget to complete your proposal with your business profile. For example, businesses or products that you have a business, business location, market share, and so on. By doing this now you know how to write business proposal easily, right?

5.     Avoid Typos

You should also avoid typos for your business proposal. A typo in the proposal will make the business proposal that you make seem not neat and unprofessional. So, you should always check your proposal before you print or send it to certain parties.

If you find a typo, you correct it immediately so that your proposal is neater. If you have trouble doing this, you can ask a friend to do proofreading.

To sum up, how to write business proposal properly is not hard at all. By practicing this method, you should be able to make a good proposal. Then, this will provide benefits for you and the business you will build.

Have Large Pores? Here Is The Best Treatment For Large Pores

Having large pores seems simple but actually, it was a big problem especially for woman. The large pores can invite other skin problems that can make us unconfident. Another skin problem that can be caused by large pores is acne, oily skin, and also other skin problems. Then, all of those problems are bad, especially for a woman. They will disturb the physical appearance of someone. Thus, all women want to fix the large pores and become free from other skin problems. Here is the best treatment for large pores that you can try at home.

There are a lot of treatments that you can do in order to fix the large pores. It starts with the traditional treatment until the modern one. You can try the treatment that is work on your skin because every skin is different.

1. Regularly Clean Your Face Twice A Day

Cleansing becomes the first thing you must know as the treatment for large pores. By clean your face, you will remove the impurity in your large pores. Then, you can wash your face with warm water in order to make your pores become smaller. But, you need to make sure to clean your face twice a day.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is something important for the skin. By doing exfoliating, you will remove the dead skin on your face. Then, your pores will be clean and become smaller. But, you need to consider with exfoliating. Don’t do exfoliating on your face too much. Because it will hurt your skin and make it irritating. Use a safety product for exfoliating and do it amount twice a week.

3. Be Gentle When Having Treatment

The main point of the best treatment for large pores is becoming gentle of your skin. Don’t hurt your skin face by doing a random treatment. You are able to do some treatment but you must do it by the right number. Don’t scrub and exfoliate too often.  You must aware of doing the treatment. Find a treatment that is safe and suitable for your skin type. Then, you will get to maximize the result and get smaller pores.

4. Protect Your Face Everyday

The large pores can also cause by the sun’s rays. Thus, you need to protect your skin when you getting outside. Protecting your skin doesn’t mean you need to cover your face, but you need to use such a sunscreen cream. Use sunscreen which has SPF 30 or more. Nor only protect your pores, sunscreen also protect you from the darker skin color. Thus, your skin will look beautiful every time.

5. Healing Your Acne

Before caring for your large pores, you need to heal your acne first. Acne is more sensitive than large pores. You must protect and heal your acne thus it can irritate easily. Use the cleanser that contains salicylic acid and use gentle treatment for your face.

Those are the explanation about the best treatment for large pores. Large pores can decrease our confident. Thus, we need to fix it and increase our confidence again. Keep being healthy and beauty at the same time by protecting our body.

Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp has become a popular social media application that people have been using. Through this application, people can chat, send/ receive pictures, music or any kind of files. Therefore, many people use WhatsApp for their daily chats and communication. With many people using it, WhatsApp keeps on developing its application and one of them is WhatsApp dark mode. This mode will help people save their power more because of many reasons.

What is WhatsApp Dark Mode

The mode is not yet available, but it will be coming soon for those WhatsApp users. For those who don’t know, dark mode is a new design of WhatsApp, showing a darker color for the design. So, if people usually see gray and green in their application, in this mode people will see darker colors. Some of the colors are black and midnight navy. So, what is the advantage of this mode and what is really for? Well, here are some things people should know about WhatsApp dark mode on your phone. 

1. Save up Battery

Many people say that dark colors use less amount of energy compared to brighter colors. Therefore, by applying dark mode on the application, people can save their battery up to 25%. It is also believed that using darker colors is not annoying for the eye. Therefore, people will enjoy the design more than the old version. 

2. Black & Green

Even though the mode is not out yet, the main color in the new mode is dark green and black. Overall the color is dark, but it doesn’t disturb the process or the needs of the readers. For people who don’t like this theme doesn’t need to worry. Because they can still use the old design without having to download this model.

3. The Release

Until today, there is no formal release on the WhatsApp dark mode and when people can use it. They do not want to rush the process because they want to release it at the right time. During this release, people say that WhatsApp is also developing other features. So, wait for their announcement to see this new model. 

4. Download WhatsApp Beta

To get this mode, people will need to download WhatsApp Beta on their mobile phone. To do this, people will need to open Google play on the phone. Look for the WhatsApp application and choose to become a Beta tester. Choose the I’m in button and click join to confirm the request. Next, you will just need for the mode to come to use it.

5. Other ways to save up

One of the main functions of the dark mode is to help save up battery of people’s phone. As it has not been released, people can still help save their battery by choosing dark backgrounds for their WhatsApp. Or, erase chats that are not used anymore, so it doesn’t fill up the memory.

WhatsApp dark mode is interesting, and many people are waiting for it. We will see whether the mode is helpful and can save up energy. Hopefully maximum of the end of next year people can see what the mode is like. 

Simple Steps on How to Clear Cache in Notebook  

Caches are not always a bad thing in a notebook. The cache could be useful for a notebook device. It could help an application on the notebook to speed up. However, if it is too much, the cache could cause the notebook to become slow. That is why it is important to know how to clear cache in notebook.

The location of caches is usually hidden in several places in the Windows. That might cause some difficulty for people to search. The more files that are piled up the slower a device would be. That is why it is important to often clean the files. Not only it makes the notebook stable but it also gives more spaces for the memory. Here is some useful info on how to clear cache in notebook device:

1. Using the Run Feature

The Window’s system could have other temporary files such as cookies and history files. The first way to delete the files is by using the “run” feature. First, click the buttons “Windows + R” together on the keyboard. The “Run” Window would then appear. Next, type %tempt% and push the enter button. All the cache files would appear on the screen. Users could then delete the unnecessary files.

2. Using the Window Disk Cleanup

If users are using a window system, they could use the feature to clean cache in it. The feature Disk Cleanup could clean the files automatically. The steps on how to clear cache in notebook with this feature are also simple. Click the start menu, and then choose the program. After that click on the accessories option and then the system tool. As for the final step choose the disk cleanup and pick tick the files list and then delete it.

3. The CCleaner Application

Another option to clear the files is using the CCleaner application. The system is very light that it won’t overload the notebook’s work. Download and install the application to the notebook. It is free and has a small memory size. Open the application and users could choose the files they want to delete. After that click the enter button

4. Cleaning Files in Firefox

The cache files are not only in the notebook memory but it is also on the web. The steps on how to clear cache in notebook for browsers are quite simple. For Firefox users, simply use the shortcut with pressing control, shift and delete button at the same time. A pop-up window “clear recent history” will appear. Users could choose the following options on which to delete.

5. Deleting caches on Chrome

Meanwhile for chrome users, the steps are almost the same as in Firefox. Press the control, shift and delete button at once. Then a new window would appear with the list of data that users could delete. For the last step, click on the “delete browser data”.

There are several ways on how to clear cache in notebook. Make sure to delete the files often. With deleting the files often, it would release the memory in the notebook and also speed it up.

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